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Everyone related to sports

Thorough support for everyone in the tournament / camp!

Kyoto City Hotel is used for training camps for a variety of sports, from powerful teams of businessmen, universities and high schools to club clubs nationwide.This facility is easy to use for training camps, such as large halls, large rooms with tatami mats, and large public baths.
You can rely on our experienced Kyoto City Hotel for full support of training camps and tournaments.

Training camp·Application of special tournament fees

Charges for training camps, tournaments, etc. vary depending on the time, the contents of the meal, the room layout, the convention rules, etc.
Please feel free to consult us as we will provide you with the best possible rate.

Directors and coaches can be used as singles.
  • The appeal of a camp in Kyoto

    Kyoto has abundant nature such as the sea, mountains and villages, and a variety of fields such as competition-related facilities.
    Many tourists visit, but there are nationwide sporting events such as women's relay road races and high school relay road races, and training in the same field is an important point for athletes.
    • Competitive facilities are substantial

  • Full and full of food

    We offer super-sized dishes with a nutritional balance that will satisfy even men, such as plenty of fresh local ingredients and all-you-can-eat sukiyaki.
    In addition, it is possible to bring in alcohol to enjoy the banquet and training camp after the practice.

    If you prefer, lunch boxes will be prepared according to your budget.
    • ※The contents of the dishes vary depending on the season and time.

      Full of food

  • Location

    Kyoto City Hotel is located in the Nishijin area, surrounded by Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo-jo Castle, Ditoku Temple and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.
    There are 24-hour supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug stores in the immediate vicinity.
    Kyoto City, there are plenty of facilities that can be used with a focus on developing large-scale sports facilities such as training centers, general sports parks, and clubhouses.
    There are many sightseeing spots in the vicinity of the hotel, and you can go around each famous spot in a relatively short time by using the bus or subway to access the main sightseeing spots.
    • A compact city from sightseeing to daily life

  • Convenient transportation

    ·25 minutes by city bus from Kyoto Station.
    ·15 minutes on foot from Subway Imadegawa Station → 2 stops by city bus (bus stop:Horikawa Imadegawa)
    ·30 minutes from Meishin Expressway Kyoto East IC / South IC
    ·You can get on and off the charter bus in front of the hotel.
    • Excellent access to the center by subway and city bus

  • Nearby sports facilities

    ·Shimadzu Arena···8 minutes by car
    ·Takaragaike Rugby Field···10 minutes by car
    ·Saikyo very stadium···15 minutes by car
    ·Okazaki(Kyoto City Martial Arts Center)···10 minutes by car
    • Abundant training facilities

    • For reservations and consultations, please call