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Educational travel

In the relaxing inn of Kyoto atmosphere, please make snuggly memories.

  • Educational travel

    It is a convenient base for training ancient capital of Kyo.Located in the historical culture of Nishijin,
    You can easily take a walk to Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo-jo Castle, Ditoku Temple, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.

    Transportation to the historical sites is also very convenient.

    The large bus can park and park in front of the hotel entrance, so you can check in and check out quickly.

    As a memento of a safe, secure and comfortable journey,
    I will do my best to help you on your journey with honor of Kyoto.

➽ Points of our hotel

  • 1. It is located in the center of the textile town “Nishijin”.
    2. It is convenient for transportation as well as for luncheon and checkpoint place during group action.
    3. You can rent out the whole building according to the number of people.(It is based on one school and one school in principle.)
    Four. You can use both public bath and unit bath.
    Five. There are no inns or hotels around, so do not worry about competing with other schools.
    6. The emergency hospital is opposite the hotel.

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