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Lunch is open for lunch!

For breakfast guests, please purchase tickets at the front desk the day before.

  • Breakfast

     ◆Opening Hours
       From 7:00 to 10:30(Last order 10:00)

     ◆Meal place
       The 2nd Floor, Cafe Bar Miyabi
       ※ Group guests may also guide at the banquet hall.

       ¥ 1,100 for both Japanese and Western dishes

       "Japanese food", Japanese rolled egg / grilled fish / kamaboko / side dish / boiled tofu(cold tofu)etc. 
            Rice, miso soup and salad are in a buffet style.

       "Western food", Omelette / bacon / wiener / salad / yoghurt etc.
            Bread, soup and salad are in a buffet style.
  • Lunch

     ◆Opening Hours
       From 11:30 to 14:30(Last order 14:00)
       Wednesday and New Year holidays(Holidays)
     ◆New Menu
       ●Sirloin steak set 890 yen(Steak sauce or demiglace sauce)
       ●Hamburg steak set 890 yen(Grated ponzu or demiglace sauce)
       ●Beef flow cutlet set 890 yen(Grated ponzu or demiglace sauce)
       ※free refill...Recommended soup of rice, miso soup and chef
       (Free drink tickets available!  ※Lunch is free when you collect 10 pieces! )
  • Dinner

     ◆Opening Hours
       From 17:00 to 20:30(Last order 20:00)
       There is also a set menu, other dish menu, seasonal meals.
       ※The contents of the menu may be changed.
  • Kofuku Bento

    【time】Noon…… 11 am to 4 pm, Night…… 17: 00-20: 00

     It is a menu that you can use for various conferences, seminars, or travel meals.

     ※Reservations are accepted from 10 people.
     ※Utilization time, 120 minutes

     You can change to seasonal rice. (500 yen Tax excluding tax, Reservation required)

     ※Depending on the season and purchase situation, contents may be changed.
    • Kotobuki Course

      八 sizing

      Kyoto onion dressed with Karashi Sumiso (sauce of mustard, vinegar, and miso), Birthday of Mibu, Salmon Saikyo-yaki (grille with Saikyo miso) with Saikyo-yaki (grille with Saikyo miso), Dashi roll wrapped crepe Japanese peppers


      shrimp, Three kinds of vegetables

      Simmered dishes

      Tempo south taste, Shinoda-maki thin winding Yuba, Hexagoni potato, Raw, Silk sheath


      Two kinds

      Cold thing

      Sesame tofu


      Yukari rice, other, soup, Fragrance

      Kofuku Bento (Love)

      +500 yen(tax excluded):Chawanmushi + water

      Kofuku Bento (Fortune)

      +1000 yen(tax excluded):Hot pot + steamed bowl + water
      ¥ 3,500(tax excluded)
  • Sukiyaki·Shabu-Shabu

     Meat is the perfect menu for all-you-can-eat banquet.
     Reservations are accepted from 10 people.

     【Choose meat】Please specify either beef, pork or chicken.
     Please select sukiyaki or shabu-shabu when making your reservation.

     ※Please note that neither of the above can be changed on the day.

     【time】Noon… 11:00 to 15:00, Night… 17: 00-21: 00
     Each order stop is 90 minutes after the start.
    • All you can eat (meat only), 90 minutes

      ※The photo shows 4 people

      Sukiyaki meat + vegetables+Ahead+rice+pickles+Water

      Choose meat

      Please choose from beef, pork and chicken. ※No change on the day

      Additional vegetables

      +800(Different): For one person

      No change on the day

      Types of meat and pot type

      Additional options

      +1200 yen(Different)Small meeting menu set: Building·tempura·Savory egg custard, ※Reservation required
      ¥ 3,800(tax included)
  • Buffet

    The contents will be changed according to the charge. Please inquire details.
    • Buffet

      ※The photo shows 4 people

      Salad platter, pasta, Fried food, etc
      ¥ 2,700(tax included), Other ¥ 2,160(Included), ¥ 3,240(Included)